Sep 29, 2023

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Business dynamics can change in seconds in today’s highly competitive global marketplace, and data is often the beating heart of that change. However, to be able to react and drive meaningful business value, customers of OEMs specializing in large data demand more than just access to data. They want rapid data analytics and “speed of thought” insights that enable operational agility based on informed decision making, regardless of the size and disparate nature of data sets. 

Incumbent Limitations

The expansion of data types and huge increase in data volume has exposed the limitations of incumbent CPU-centric analytics solutions. Processing geospatial data, such as weather data, satellite and LiDAR information, and IoT-generated temporal data, poses inherent challenges to traditional data solutions:

  • The complexity and size of geospatial data analytics require substantial computational resources, especially for large datasets, pushing the limits of existing data processing capabilities. 
  • Managing large volumes of spatial data demands specialized storage, indexing and processing techniques. 
  • Analyzing geospatial data—spatial clustering, interpolation, spatial regression and spatial pattern detection—necessitates specialized algorithms for spatial relationships, proximity and spatial autocorrelation to extract meaningful insights. 
  • Ensuring the scalability and performance of geospatial analytics workflows involves leveraging distributed computing frameworks, parallel processing and optimized algorithms. 
  • The geographic complexity, scale and spatial relationships require deep geospatial visualization knowledge to utilize techniques such as maps, heatmaps, choropleths or 3D visuals.

It’s here that leveraging the power of modern GPUs can dynamically bring data to life through powerful visualizations. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and in today’s data-driven economy, we could say that data visualization is worth a billion data points. Effective visualization of geospatial data is a powerful tool for OEMs that holds great value for client organizations. It can have a profound impact that can impress customers, set data-driven offerings apart from the competition, generate more interest, and drive product adoption.

Empowering OEMs

The HEAVY.AI platform offers OEMs a powerful one-stop GPU-accelerated data platform that delivers unique, comprehensive capabilities and values, providing instant answers to complex questions and bringing massive, complex geospatial and temporal datasets to life for customers. Tapping into HEAVY.AI’s rich expertise removes the heavy (no pun intended) data lifting for OEMs, enabling them to focus resources on their core business and empowering them to uplevel and differentiate their data offering in several ways:

  • Leveraging GPU Power: Deploying GPU-accelerated processing provides instantaneous geospatial analytics and interactive visualizations that provide actionable answers in seconds and accelerate OEM customers’ ability to obtain insights from data that add tangible business value.
  • Rapid time to value: HEAVY.AI's platform allows OEMs to speed up the development of their visual analytics solutions to easily create and deploy interactive applications without complex coding or infrastructure that, in turn, can grow their business and provide their customers with faster time to value and to market.
  • Uncover hidden insights: HEAVY.AI’s machine learning capabilities enable OEM customers to identify patterns and insights that may not be otherwise apparent, regardless of how large or complex data sets are.
  • Virtualized 3D modeling: HEAVY.AI’s platform enables OEMs to centralize, visualize and analyze numerous datasets expeditiously in real-time via digital twins. Dynamic visualizations also  provide greater visibility into anomalies and patterns in OEM customer markets.
  • Minimize cost, maximize performance: Using HEAVY.AI allows OEMS to optimize their network performance and implementation costs, as well as develop implementation strategies for alternative business cases.
  • Scalability and reliability: Because the HEAVY.AI platform is designed to handle massive volumes of data, OEMs applications remain responsive and reliable even as your data grows, essentially becoming future-proof.
  • Offer customizable solutions: OEMs can build brand value by offering “white label” customized  solutions based on the HEAVY.AI platform.

How is This Achieved?

The HEAVY.AI technology stack leverages the GPU to accelerate the processing of standard SQL queries and the rendering of visualizations to deliver data analysis several orders of magnitude higher than standard business intelligence tools and relational databases. This opens up a world of analytical possibilities not previously considered due to the scale of the associated challenges.

In commercial use across various sectors, including energy, utilities, telecommunications, and government the HEAVY.AI platform solves specific problems and performs a variety of analytics tasks, from simulating 5G antennas to managing vegetation for utility companies to gathering intelligence from satellite imagery. The platform is increasingly used by vendors monetizing large datasets and needing to visually present data and insights to their customers. Use cases include crowdsourced mobile quality data from Tutela and detailed energy production, reserves, economics, inventory, and other analyses for a major energy provider. These are just two examples of how organizations leverage HEAVY.AI to provide powerful, value-added data visualization that customers can understand and digest in a meaningful way.

The HEAVY.AI OEM Startup Accelerator Program

To support early-stage, data focused OEMs and connect them to the power of the HEAVY.AI accelerated analytics platform, a Startup Accelerator Program is available. Companies can apply to join the program, which provides access to the resources needed to build their own enterprise-grade branded solutions, professional developer support and consulting to speed up product development.


HEAVY.AI (formerly OmniSci) is the pioneer in GPU-accelerated analytics, redefining speed and scale in big data querying and visualization. The HEAVY.AI platform is used to find insights in data beyond the limits of mainstream analytics tools. Originating from research at MIT, HEAVY.AI is a technology breakthrough, harnessing the massive parallel computing of GPUs for data analytics.