Annette Dehler
May 8, 2019

A Mother’s Day Message

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This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Ever since I became a mom, I’ve realized that I’ve joined a very special sisterhood. Moms dedicate themselves to their families in a uniquely challenging, yet immensely fulfilling way. It’s a club I’m very proud to be a part of.

As someone who is also dedicated to her career in technology, however, I’m reminded of the singular choices and commitments women make in this industry. Women should never have to feel forced to choose between motherhood and career—but their point of decision is even weightier in the tech field. So often, the work environment in tech is more intense, more competitive, more growth-obsessed, with less accommodation for pursuits and responsibilities outside the office, than in other professions. Supposedly we have flexibility—via email, video conferencing, team collaboration software, virtual office services and the like—to “make it all work.” And yet culturally, in many tech companies, there’s very little breathing room for something as fundamental as parenthood.

Which is why, as women in tech, we need to continually support each other and lift each other up when making these decisions. Success, in a career as well as in life decisions, is about being true to who we are and what we can contribute to others. In the workplace, this needs to be acknowledged by respecting personal choice. When a company hires someone, they hire the total person. We must acknowledge and validate the important phases of life every employee passes through via our corporate policies, our workplace culture, and our personal interactions.

I’m fortunate to be working at a company that does this. OmniSci has made it a priority to support its employees. It’s open to discussions about non-traditional arrangements, working alongside current and potential employees to not only find solutions but also respect the evolving characteristics of the relationship as it unfolds, day to day.

I’ve found, through personal experience, that tech companies who do this ultimately discover a profound human capital ROI. A unique bond develops between companies that grant reasonable flexibility around life choices, and the employees who benefit from that flexibility. OmniSci, from the top down, has made that commitment—and today is reaping the rewards of its vision. (By the way, OmniSci is hiring!)

And so, as Mother’s Day approaches, for those women who have chosen to embrace the responsibilities of motherhood as well as an exciting career in tech, I’d like to affirm your choice. You are strong, you are awesome, and you are to be celebrated. Happy Mother’s Day from me—and from all of us at OmniSci!

Annette Dehler

Annette is Head of Marketing at OmniSci. Prior to joining OmniSci, Annette was Director of Communications at Rescale, Head of Influencer Relations at Anaplan and Senior Analyst Relations Manager at Infor. Annette has over 10 years of B2B high-tech marketing experience with a passion for launching new initiatives at hypergrowth organizations. Annette holds a bachelor's degree from Gustavus Adolphus College.